Add missing Javadoc to Lotus Domino Designer help

Missing Java Notes API Javadoc is very annoying aspect of Lotus Domino Designer. I don’t understand why IBM don’t ship it. Though there is some documentation it is far from being what Java developer expect. Moreover this documentation is not easily available to help from Lotus Domino Designer Java editor. Let’s see how to add missing Javadoc to Java Notes API to Lotus Domino Designer.

Domino Designer 8.5.3 (latest version when I write this post) is very unhelpful to developer by default:

But there’s way to change it to this

Thanks to Domino Javadoc Generator tool which extract API from Notes.jar and Designer Help database, you can generate Javadoc from your current Designer installation. Alternatively, project web page offers version 7 to instant download.

Steps to set Javadoc:

  1. Go to File → Preferences.
  2. Open Installed JREs page under Java category.
  3. Choose Edit… button on active JRE (on my computer named “jvm” from C:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Notes\jvm).
  4. In the Edit JRE dialog find and expand Notes.jar node from the JRE system libraries list. Press //Javadoc Location…” button.
  5. Choose Javadoc in archive, External file and browse for ZIP or JAR containing generate Javadoc from Domino Javadoc tool.
  6. Notes.jar library has attached Javadoc.

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